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The experts, technology, and proven track record


Practical holistic cyber security solutions

To address today’s 

Cybersecurity threats you need:

Think like an attacker

Nation state knowledge

Multidisciplinary approach

Nation-state level methodologies and

world-class experts

Intelligence agency into the darknet

Unique attacker orientation approach & methodology 

Advanced proprietary cyber tools

Global, Nation-State Cyber Experts

Learn about HolistiCyber’s world class team of IDF trained cyber security experts and how they can help you mitigate the most complex cyber security risks.

Ran Shahor

CEO and Co-Founder

HolistiCyber Defense Plan

Learn how HolistiCyber’s holistic and innovative approach to cyber security delivers comprehensive end-to-end cyber defense against sophisticated and nation-state level attackers.

Moshe Ishai

General Manager and Co-Founder

HolistiCyber successfully delivering in: