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HolistiCyber’s Cybersecurity Compliance Program Assures Compliance in a Proven and Cost-effective WayWithin these Regulations:

  • GDPR


  • GLBA and FFIEC


  • NERC

  • CIP

  • New York DFS (23 NYCRR 500)

HolistiCyber compliance services can help your organization in two aspects – 

  1. Gap Analysis – We analyze and identify gaps in your compliance, based on the regulations your organization is subjected to uphold. In many cases, organizations are subject to several types of regulations and many overlaps. HolistiCyber’s compliance gap analysis service ensures the compliance processes, which are often redundant, will be conducted in the most efficient way to carry as little overhead as is necessary for your organization. 

  2. Full Compliance Support --a full service program covering all you need to comply with necessary regulations. These could include annual cyber risk assessments, penetration tests, cyber training, monitoring services, and more. All activities are conducted by HolistiCyber’s Nation State experts and bring added value to your compliance efforts in the form of actionable and effective cyber activities.


HolistiCyber is committed to making your industry compliance effort seamless and painless by utilizing its experts to effectively engage and overcome any cybersecurity issues. In addition, HolistiCyber can provide an expert consultant to act as a virtual CISO to oversee and enforce cybersecurity policies, as well as advise the most suitable security controls for maintaining industry compliance--all without the need to retain an expensive resource.