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Researchers had recently started to argue that the most ‘unknown silence mode’ cyber extortions are among the Media business sector. These cyber attacks are featured with sustained attack methods designed to last for long periods of time without revealing the adversary (‘under the radar’). These sustainable attack vectors had evolved throughout actors among the global political arena, but has today reached  a fairly wide diversity of threat actors.

That reality has created substantial prosperity in the darknet, offering accessibility cyber offensive kits and pure sensitive media data that was harvested during large and carefully planned  tailored attack operations.

Additionally, Media firms are holding precious information about their client’s strategy plans, PR campaigns, propagation tactics, classified publishers techniques, privacy data, PII, etc.

Media professionals are traveling very frequently, thus subject to Cyber criminals attempts to install malware among hotel guest’s devices connected to the hotel’s entertainment facilities or connectivity infrastructure, and trace the guests data activity among the internet.  Hence exposed to a significant attack surface.


HolistiCyber helps entertainment companies to assess their resilience posture and update their defense plan to mitigate their risk. Additionally, HolistiCyber offers penetration tests to test level of resilience to today’s threats and train the Company personal how to protect themselves while traveling.