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Hospitality businesses in general, and Hotels in particular, more than ever before, are facing  extreme Cyber Threats. The new Cyber era ramps new degrees of exposure to Hotel’s IT infrastructure and operational technology apparatus, thus putting their business  at risk  in terms of financial damage, reputational damage and legal claims. These business risks evolve due to various incidents, such as: privacy data leakage, PII leakage, business espionage, denial of service, credit card data (CHD-Card Holder Data) leakage, surveillance conducted by the external malicious actors among the Hotel’s own systems and infrastructure that pursue hotel’s guests and visitors, Cyber criminals using the Hotel’s premises and systems to install malwares among hotel guest’s devices connected to the hotel’s entertainment facilities or connectivity infrastructure, and trace the guests data activity among the internet.

Based on our experience, we had encountered various attack vectors, and we can help our customers from the hospitality sector to identify their Cyber Risks and protection challenges and advance their defense plan to address today’s threats.