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HolistiCyber Nation-State Level Experts Monitor Your System 

HolistiCyber’s monitoring service supplies the monitoring level that best suits your organization in the most efficient and cost-effective way. This may include integration of your dedicated SIEM solution, or a SIEM as a service that would be operated by HolistiCyber’s SOC, tiers 1, 2 and 3, integration with cloud or even special environments.

We design and guide the implementation of proper logging processes and procedures. This will ensure all relative information is logged and centrally collected and monitored, to enable full traceability as needed, to analyze and identify incidents.

We also provide an ongoing cyber monitoring service that collects logs from the relevant servers at your company’s headquarters.  We will review, analyze, filter, and correlate the logs to identify suspected incidents, and will trigger the relevant stakeholders at your system to act upon these. This monitoring takes into account the most common threat vectors used by threat actors such as phishing and watering hole attacks.  Monitoring incorporates correlation across four critical attack vectors: network traffic analysis, user behavior analytics, behavior of files, and activity within the machines. This service is remotely operated by HolistiCyber.