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When it comes to cyber threats, retailers are high on the target index, typically ranking just behind financial services, financial tech and media companies. This is because they hold a near unrivaled breadth and width of customer data that can be used to perpetrate identity theft.


There’s a thriving underground market within the dark web for ID data with numerous sites and forums offering stolen credit card information, names, addresses, email details, driver’s license data, passport numbers, and in fact anything that relates to someone’s personal information.

Attacks are not focused just on the online retailer, there have also been significant Point of Sale (POS), targeted attacks involving customized malicious software specifically written to ex-filtrate customer credit card data from the retailers’ networks back to the cyber criminals.

HolistiCyber helps retailers to assess their resilience posture and update their defense plan to mitigate their risk. Additionally, HolistiCyber offers penetration tests to test level of resilience to today’s threats and real time monitoring end to end.