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Strategic Planning

Face Today’s Sophisticated Cyber Threats by Deploying a Defense Program Crafted by HolistiCyber’s Nation-State Level Experts


In order to tackle today’s advanced and sophisticated cyber threats, you must think ahead in a pre-emptive way-- adopting elastic and dynamic methods. As in war, you cannot cope with these evolving multi-staged attacks only by securing your systems. You must proactively deploy a defense program with advanced and sensitive detection elements, multi-faceted preventive countermeasure, intelligence, a well-defined response program, and deceptive techniques. 


HolistiCyber’s services assist you in coping with cyber threats by formulating a Cyber Security Strategic Roadmap, giving you the resilience and stability needed. We involve all relevant decision makers and stakeholders in the company, in order to comprehensively understand the various processes and lines of business running under the operations. This cyber security strategy outlines your current cyber risk challenge. We tackle new emerging cyber threats in a manner that reconciles cyber risks to a tolerable degree.  In order to achieve this goal, we carry out cyber threat modelling, business impact analysis, risk workshops, and cyber security seminars to illustrate current cyber threats. These offerings improve your security posture and clarify the top cyber security risks your organization is facing in this hectic and dynamic cyber era.