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The New Cyber Era

Like it or not, we live in a cyber era. The news is full of massive cyber-attacks targeting all types of business on a daily basis. These attacks have forever changed the world. Entities like Equifax, Under Armor, T-Mobile and Humana have all suffered at the hands of hackers. This is all just the tip of the iceberg: immeasurable financial damage has been done.

When these organizations were targeted, they felt they were well-protected-- up until the moment they discovered the attack. They had prudently run audits, used best practices, complied with cyber defense regulations, and yet, they were hacked in spite of these precautions. The balance between attackers and defenders has now been broken. Nation-state attack tools and methodologies have been leaked to the Darknet and are now for sale. Recent worldwide attacks have been conducted with tools that were leaked from the National Security Agency. These tools are now for sale on the Darknet for a few hundred dollars. Attackers continue to become much more aggressive and sophisticated. 

A severe shortage of world-class cyber experts means defenders today cannot react properly. Most are still fighting with technology that is several years old—they are behind in this war. In today’s world, compliance and best practices are still important--but that alone cannot bring a proper and effective defense against this new wave of more sophisticated and aggressive hackers. 

Most of today’s defenders lack the ability to hire world class cyber experts, those with an attacker’s background. Some companies rely on hiring hackers, who are undisciplined and impossible to control in most cases; or someone straight out of university, with no practical attack experience at all. Some try to hire former nation state level experts (such as NSA, CIA, Navy, MI5, and MI6), but they are hard to find, and extremely expensive. 

The only way to challenge this level of aggressiveness is to understand the way your attacker thinks-- and to think as if you were an attacker yourself. 



Why HolistiCyber?

At HolistiCyber, we rely on our world-class cyber experts to face these attackers. Our experts have personally taken part and lead state-of-the-art mission critical defense and attack operations around the world. These experts moved to the private sector and gained valuable experience there as well. We protect our clients-- from the attacker’s point of view. Not only do we provide our clients with superior defense, but HolistiCyber does it more economically. We know what must be defended NOW, what can be defended later, and what does not need to be defended at all. Priorities are the key to our defense.

Israel’s mandatory Army experience is required of every citizen. This means there are over a thousand highly trained, motivated, and sophisticated attacker defenders released from the Army every year. These talented people join the cyber security industry—and we have the privilege to hire the very best of these veterans at HolistiCyber. Our multidisciplinary team uses our innovative proprietary tools to help our customers prepare for the future. Let us think like an attacker and provide cyber security for your operation—HolistiCyber provides the most comprehensive defense program for the best price. 

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