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Advances in information technology and communications, coupled with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things ) IoT), have come together to give rise to new opportunities for our smarter and more efficient lives. In particular, this convergence is shaping the functionality and promising future of the next generation utilities sector (primarily energy, water, sanitation, and even telecommunications). Utilities are benefiting significantly – empowered with real-time data and analytics on the operation of their systems. Customers have realized the opportunities as well, seeing greater visibility into their energy usage, which can help them make more informed choices that will save them money.

Increased connectivity is clearly driving significant benefits for utilities, customers and communities as a whole in the form of improved quality of service and operational efficiencies. But, with these benefits also come increased risks – both from the proliferation of devices and increasingly sophisticated intrusion capabilities and makes it more prone to cyber attacks. Any serious act of cyber terrorism can cripple a nation and cause immense economic and social harm. Over the past decade or so, around the globe, there have been multiple incidents where unknown actors have hacked into critical systems and stolen information. The mega trends in the industry mean that the opportunity for this risk to be significant will only increase over time unless appropriate risk management techniques are put in place. The cyber threat to utilities should be dealt with holistically from both physical and human aspects as well as purely information technology aspects.

HolistiCyber assists utility companies plan their defense to today’s threats by evaluating the company resilience posture, adjust defense plan, increase the response time to incidents and offer response teams, real time detection and monitoring of the system end to end, prepare for a mega attack with table tops and much more. In other words, we offer a full set of cyber security services designed for your needs.